SRITECH offers outstanding range of new generation, rugged multi-function consoles and Racks. These versatile single / dual display consoles and Racks are designed to support sea and land systems hosting applications such as combat management, communications, radar, sonar, weapon control, ESM, and platform management.

Featuring an adaptable aluminum construction and based on a comprehensively modular design, these units deliver significant benefits, including increased flexibility and reduced through-life support costs, to prime contractors and end users engaged on new and retrofit defense programs.

The display module in Console comprises of active matrix LCD displays, ranging from 17” to 24” (Wide), in vertical or horizontal configuration, and is adaptable to future display sizes. Displays are tillable with infinite adjustment.

The ancillaries module of Console is configurable for touch panel, peripherals, keypad or customer furnished equipment. The tilt-up desk (similarly, configurable for keyboard, rollerball, joystick, keypads, or other input devices) has a damped and positively locked tilting action and allows operator and maintainer access.

The electronics module of Console can house a variety of processors and form factors. Options include a 20-slot VME sub-rack; PIC-MG passive backplane; compact PCI; thin and ultra thin client systems; and a variety of processor architectures (Intel™, Sun™, Power PC). A configurable connector panel is accessible at the rear of the unit.

Apart from standard Rack supply, we also take upElectronics integration, Cable and wire harnesses, Mechanical integration, I/O panels, fan trays, slides, shelves, Power distribution unit with protection and Status control panels


Shock & Vibration: MIL STD 810G / MIL STD 167 / 901D
IP: Up to IP55
Environmental Specification: JSS55555


Shockmounts (AKCC / Wire Rope / X Type)
Cooling Components
Cable Management accessories
Telescopic Slides
MIL Circular connector (Including wiring)
Rugged computers
Power supplies