Rugged Power Supplies

Roda's Power Supply products are designed and produced through a straight "Research and Development" process. All products are brand-new, proprietary devices that are built to operate on difficult conditions. The products involve new technology, innovative designs and features.

Products comply with national and international civilian or defence standards such as MIL-STD or VG. High-tech, power electronics products can be produced to a high protection class, water-proof and mechanically robust to withstand harsh conditions in remote areas or in the open air. Besides meeting thermal, and EMI standards, systems are designed to withstand mechanical impact, humidity and corrosion effects.

However, we are also able to design and produce any client-specific power device in several output power range, according to user defined specifications in compliance with international standards. We have already realised more than 200 designs.

Standard products and developments :

* AC/DC power supplies from 110Vac to 400Vac and 10W to 10 kW
* DC/DC converters from 3V to 800 Vdc and 8W to 2kW
* Battery charger up to 3000 W
* DC/AC Inverter up to 1000 W
* Auxiliary Power Supply (UPS)
* Solutions According to Customer's Specification

80W DC/DC converter ROD01.2 19V

65W DC/DC converter ROD04 12/14V

2.8kW battery charger "Boxer"

500W DC/AC inverter

2.4kW PowerPac 2400 battery charger

2.0kW battery charger "Yak"

90W AC/DC adapter AC60